African American Heritage

Lesson Plans: Each unit uses class discussion and a power point presentation to explore one or more of the Big Ideas in Social Studies through a case study of the East End Bridge Project north of Louisville and the story of Harrods Creek, a historically African American community. Students will use analytical skills in analyzing primary and secondary resources (documents, maps, photographs or art). Optional follow-­up activities allow students to apply the essential questions of each unit to their own community and include the opportunity to conduct short research projects, write opinion pieces and/or report on a topic to present an opinion. All activities are aligned to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards in Social Studies, Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, and C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards, National Council for the Social Studies.

An Education for Our Children: 5th Grade Cultures and Societies
For the Common Good: 5th Grade Government, Civics
How Geography Can Shape History: 4th Grade Geography
Kentucky Government In Action: 4th Grade Government, Civics
Transportation and Social Justice: 8th Grade Government, Civics