Founded in 1995, the mission of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey is to provide a service to state and federal agencies, work with private landowners to protect archaeological sites, and educate the public about Kentucky’s rich archaeological heritage. The Survey provides hands-on educational experiences to WKU students in the field, the lab, and the community.

The award-winning Kentucky Archaeological Survey undertakes a variety of projects throughout Kentucky. Some are conducted in advance of construction by state agencies, while others are conducted to identify sites on public lands, so that state and federal agencies can be better stewards. KAS works with local governments and non-profits on diverse initiatives, including educational projects that involve grade-school children and civic groups who participate in ongoing archaeological research. Examples of projects are:

The talented and dedicated staff of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey collectively have over a century of experience in public archaeology. They are nationally recognized leaders in the field. Staff members are:

  • David Pollack, PhD, Director
  • M. Jay Stottman, PhD, Assistant Director
  • A. Gwynn Henderson, PhD, Education Director
  • Justin N. Carlson, PhD, Project Director
  • Lori C. Stahlgren, MA, Project Archaeologist
  • Bruce L. Manzano, MA, Project Archaeologist
  • Diane Hampe, MA, Staff Archaeologist
  • Moriah McKenzie Monroe Raleigh, BA, Staff Archaeologist