Professor Rudolph de Roode

DeRoode Street, the main road in Davis Bottom, is named after Rudolph de Roode, a music professor who also bought and subdivided land throughout Lexington (Dollins 2011). Professor de Roode was born in Rotterdam, Holland on May 17, 1835, according to newspaper articles from The Lexington Leader. He was classically trained in a private school at Voorburg near The Hague. In 1851, De Roode came to Lexington at the invitation of his mother’s sister – Mrs. Robert Wickcliffe, Jr.

Professor de Roode taught music to private students, composed sacred music, served as an organist for Christ Church and opened a music store, opened a music store, R. De Roode and Co., in 1860. He was also a land speculator. In 1867, Rudolph de Roode purchased 25 parcels of land along Brisben (a.k.a. Brisbin) Street from Willard Davis. Professor de Roode also purchased land known as “Curds” lot on the road that now bears his name – DeRoode Street.