Project Archaeology

Project Archaeology is a comprehensive national archaeology and heritage education program for everyone interested in learning or teaching about our nation’s rich cultural legacy and protecting it for future generations to learn from and enjoy. Project Archaeology teaches four enduring understandings:

  • Understanding the human past is essential for understanding the present and shaping the future.
  • Learning about cultures past and present is essential for living in a pluralistic society and world.
  • Archaeology is a way to learn about past cultures.
  • Stewardship of archaeological resources is everyone’s responsibility.

Project Archaeology fosters understanding of past and present cultures, improves social studies and science education, and enhances citizenship education to help preserve our archaeological legacy. Using a hands-on approach to teaching history, Project Archaeology’s curricula teach scientific inquiry, citizenship, personal ethics and character, and cultural understanding. Its target audience is upper elementary through secondary teachers and their students, museum docents, youth group leaders, heritage site interpreters, and parents and citizens.

Graduates of Project Archaeology workshops and online courses continue their professional development through printed updates, networking opportunities, and additional learning and teaching opportunities.

KAS brought Project Archaeology to Kentucky in 1999 and established the Kentucky State Project Archaeology Program that same year. KAS administered the Kentucky State Project Archaeology Program until 2019, when it transferred to the Kentucky Heritage Council.


KAS supports two of Project Archaeology’s many curricula – Intrigue of the Past and Investigating Shelter – through workshops, content development in the form of lessons/activities/units, and research/assessment. Several KAS staff are trained facilitators for Intrigue of the Past and Investigating Shelter.