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Artist's reconstruction of what Davis Bottom might have looked like in the 1890s, based on archaeological and related research

Kentucky Archaeological Survey Shares Archaeology Remotely

Dr. A. Gwynn Henderson, Education Director for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) at Western Kentucky University, is reaching out to Kentuckians to bring archaeology to them directly and remotely. She is currently participating in two projects to share archaeological stories with the public.

Check out this WKU news article to learn more!

Archaeologists Read Archaeology: A. Gwynn Henderson reads from “Adena: Woodland Period Moundbuilders of the Bluegrass”

Archaeologists Read Archaeology: Check out our first installment with KAS’s own Gwynn Henderson reading aloud from “Adena: Woodland Period Moundbuilders of the Bluegrass.” While you can just click and listen, we highly recommend downloading the free booklet and let your eyes read along (found here https://bit.ly/39yabU9).

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQPJaWLPnwI&feature=youtu.be