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Artist's reconstruction of what Davis Bottom might have looked like in the 1890s, based on archaeological and related research

Kentucky Archaeological Survey Shares Archaeology Remotely

Dr. A. Gwynn Henderson, Education Director for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) at Western Kentucky University, is reaching out to Kentuckians to bring archaeology to them directly and remotely. She is currently participating in two projects to share archaeological stories with the public.

Check out this WKU news article to learn more!

An Open Letter of Thanks from the Staff of KAS

In the words of Charles Dickens, spring 2019, for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS), “was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.”


Read the entirety of the open letter of thanks here.

KAS joins WKU’s Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology

WKU’s Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology welcomed the award-winning Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS) effective June 1, 2019.


Read the full press release here.